Dimitrios holds a Bachelor of Theology, a Bachelor of Laws from Sydney University, and a Master of Laws from the University of Queensland concentrating on IP and IP related subjects. In 2008 he was awarded a doctorate by the Queensland University of Technology in the area of patent entitlement.

Recommendations made in his doctoral thesis were adopted by the Government in the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising The Bar) Act 2012, by the insertion of a new s.22A and s.191A into the Patents Act 1990.

Dimitrios answered a call to the Brisbane Bar in October 1998 where he is now a barrister in private practice exclusively in the field of intellectual property and exclusively in the Federal Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia in the Federal Circuit Court’s (FCC) General federal law jurisdiction in certain copyright, trade mark and design matters in which the FCC has jurisdiction.

He has been for many years, the author of the update publications in the areas of copyright, trade marks, patents, designs, confidential information and related rights, within the LexisNexis publications, entitled ‘Lahore – Copyright and Designs’ and ‘Lahore – Patents Trade Marks and Related Rights’. Dimitrios also co-authors with Dr Anne Fitzgerald, the Thomson Reuters’ publications ‘IP Nutshell’ and ‘Introduction to Intellectual Property’. In 2022, Dimitrios co-authored with Dr Anne Fitzgerald and Dr Rami Olwan the Thomson Reuters publication ‘Intellectual Property – Principles and Practice.’

In addition, Dimitrios contributes comments and articles to a range of IP publications including the IP Bulletin, Internet Law Bulletin, ‘Hearsay’ – the Queensland Bar Association publication, the Queensland Law Society’s publication ‘Proctor’ and the IPSANZ publication ‘IP Forum’.

He has been an adjunct lecturer in IP at the Queensland University of Technology to undergraduate and masters level students coordinating and presenting an IP intensive for a week on ‘IP Litigation’. Dimitrios presents nationally and internationally on IP issues at conferences and legal education seminars.

In his practice, Dimitrios has been briefed to advise various State Government departments in the area of intellectual property and has made numerous submissions to Commonwealth advisory boards in relation to developments in IP and been specifically invited into the consultation process by the Commonwealth Government.

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