The Practice

The practice has had a central focus on Intellectual Property (IP) since its commencement in 1998. Specifically, it has positioned itself at the crossroads between actual cases, academic involvement, commentary and government consultations.

Unlike traditional forms of property, such as real estate or motor cars, IP by reason of its intangible nature, has the ability to be at the core of a trader’s business yet undetected. Its mercurial nature demands it be contained and managed. The practice has assisted various traders both large and small, and government, fully understand and manage their rights.

For rights owners, that often means taking some steps to enforce those exclusive rights. However, although litigation may be commenced, the practice has a long history of commitment to resolution of disputes with an underlying policy of getting the clients back into commercialising their IP as soon as possible.

Similarly, it is not uncommon for people to think their exclusive rights cover more than they actually do. The result is that people need assistance against rights holders trying to aggressively assert rights they do not have.

If there is one observation that can be made from the matters in which the practice has been involved, it is this: rather than create their own innovative approach, many traders will piggy back on the success of another person’s IP. That may be in the form of a logo, a confidential list of customers, an invention or an artistic work.

The practice can assist in resolution of these disputes.

Areas of IP law in particular can include:


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